PROTECTOR weapon system on top of a military vehicle in Slovenia 3

Unveiling of PROTECTOR RS4 CROWS in Slovenia

Last week, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KDA)’s Division Land Systems (DLS), supported the Slovenia Ministry of Defence in presenting their new defence capability for the Slovenian media and public.

The Slovenian Minister of Defence Mr. Matej Tonin proudly presented the Oshkosh JLTV, equipped with the KONGSBERG PROTECTOR RS CROWS Remote Weapon Station (RWS), procured through the US Government Foreign Military Sales. The 38 RWS is under production in Johnstown, Pennsylvania (US), and will be delivered in the fall. The acquisition is first in a series - and Slovenia will procure additional 36 systems in 2021.

The event was supported and attended by the Norwegian Ambassador to Hungary and the Republic of Slovenia Trine Skymoen - together with her US counterpart.

“We experienced great support by the Norwegian and US ambassadors. KONGSBERG brought three CROWS stations, which we integrated on the ground in Slovenia,” said Arne Gjennestad, Vice President Marketing & Sales in DLS . “The media event showed that Slovenia is a long and trusted user of KONGSBERG Remote Weapon Stations. They are proud of their systems and very happy with the US-Norwegian cooperation to deliver this capability, which is important for both national and NATO coalition defence.”

The Slovenian modernization of their armed forces will continue with the procurement of 8x8 armored vehicles. The KONGSBERG RT40 unmanned remote-controlled 30 mm gun turret is a strong candidate to be chosen on the preferred vehicle - which presently is the Boxer, made by German companies Rheinmetall and KMW.

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