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Areas of operation

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is a leading supplier of defence products and systems for command and control, surveillance, space, tactical communications, remote weapon stations and missiles systems. We also have extensive capabilities within advanced composite manufacturing and maintenance, repair and overhaul within the aircraft and helicopter market.

We develop the newest technology for the deepest seas and furthest parts of outer space. We work together as one team, translating innovations from one business area to the others. This makes us among the best in our fields, and allows us to deliver extreme performance for extreme conditions.


We support demanding international customers with optimal manufacturing solutions to ensure world class performance for our customers every time. Our people are competent professionals that always strive to be in the forefront of technology and never settles for less than world-class.

NH90 helicopter in air


We perform services on key dynamic helicopter components: main, tail and intermediate gear boxes, main and tail rotor heads and drive shafts. The department has had the necessary licences and authorisations for this type of assignment on the Sea King Rescue Helicopter and Lynx for more than 30 years. KONGSBERG is a key provider of essential helicopter life-cycle support and carries out repair, maintenance and overhaul of dynamic components for helicopters in civil and military service.

Aviation maintenance


Creating a safer and more secure environment for decision-making is the essence of all our activities within the defence and security area. Our customers demand exceptional reliability and precision, and KONGSBERG has the systems to meet these demands.

Defence & security


Our portfolio includes equipment and components for the European heavy-lift launchers Ariane 5 & 6, equipment for communication, navigation, earth observation satellites as well as scientific space probes and space exploration. The division is a world-leading supplier of satellite ground stations for downloading and processing satellite data, as well as a supplier of satellite services from ground stations at Svalbard in the Arctic, the Antarctic and numerous other locations.

Space & Surveillance


Situational awareness is a key factor for port, coastal, inland waterways and land border authorities. Over the years, Kongsberg Norcontrol has developed and delivered optimized surveillance solutions for the maritime domain within a range of areas requiring situational awareness, situation management and decision-making.

Maritime surveillance


At KONGSBERG we are committed and dedicated people who strive to provide thorough and proactive through-life support of our products and systems throughout the lifetime of our customers’ investment. Here you can find contact information about the respective division in order to receive more information about each divisions support-concepts.

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