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Differential Absolute and Relative Position Sensor

DARPS - Differential Absolute & Relative Position Sensor is a DP position reference system tailor made for offshore loading operations. The DARPS system combines high-performance sensors for reliable and accurate absolute and relative positioning of two vessels such as a shuttle tanker and an FPSO/FSU. The DARPS has proven itself over and over again in harsh environments worldwide.

Through continuous development and close cooperation with users, the DARPS system has been improved to meet the demanding requirements for an accurate and reliable positioning sensor to the DP system. This includes features such as direct target selection by the DP, transfer of gyro information from the DP to the DARPS system and continuous updates of absolute and relative positions to the DP.

Key features

  • Combining GPS and GLONASS
  • Multiple differential correction support
  • High-precision absolute and relative position
  • Real-time compensation of errors introduced by high ionospheric activity
  • Ease-of-use Human Machine Interface tailored to safety critical DP operations
  • Available for both shuttle tanker and FPSO/FSU
  • Lever arm compensation
  • Extended interfacing capabilities
  • Multiple UHF links ensure reliable and safe operations
  • Automatic data recording functionality
  • Optional bridge wing speed repeaters

Available models

Using UHF transceivers, relative position is determined through GPS data transmission between vessels or between vessels and loading buoys.

  • DARPS 132 is based on GPS dual frequency and SBAS
  • DARPS 232 uses dual dual frequency GPS/GLONASS and SBAS

UHF frequency configuration flexibility ensures maximum availability of the data links.

DARPS sensor

Utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art GPS technology, the DARPS Transponder is tailored to applications demanding extremes in reliability and accuracy in relative position between any vessel and platform or FPSO during loading or reloading. The DARPS Transponder represents the next generation in relative GPS (RGPS) position systems.

Proven Technology

We have been developing and manufacturing GPS based marine tracking systems for more than a decade. The DARPS Transponder combines this continually growing base of experience and innovation with the latest GPS technical advances and offers an ideal relative position solution for today's increasing need for position reference during various offshore operations.

Services and support

  • 24/7 Technical support

    Our 24/7 technical support team is there to help at any time, day or night, wherever your vessel is.

  • Conversions, retrofit and refit

    We understand the importance of having the right parts, available in the right place, at the right time.

  • Training

    Ensure that your crew is properly and thoroughly trained. This will reduce operational risk, downtime and maximise return on asset investment.