Telemetry System

Kongsberg Telemetry system is based on dual (fault tolerant) SeaGnal MB45 controller units with built-in UHF transceivers for safe and reliable ‘Green-line’ control in offloading operations.

Enhancing Offloading Operations

Kongsberg Telemetry system enhances control and safety during offloading operations by providing real-time ‘green-line’ offloading control activated manually or automatic. A built-in mechanism preventing 2 or more SHT to connect to the same FPSO, to avoid false ‘Green-line’ status received by the FPSO. Unapproved attempt to connect to the FPSO will be rejected by the FPSO.

Redundancy and Communication

The system is based on dual SeaGnal MB 45 controllers operating in parallel on different frequencies for enhanced redundancy. SeaGnal MB 45 is a software defined radio and provides internal processing capacity for complex computations. Exclusive ‘one-to-one’ communication links are established between the Telemetry systems on the FPSO and the Shuttle Tanker in the 450 MHz frequency band.

Integration and Monitoring

The Telemetry system can work as a standalone system on both the FPSO and the Shuttle Tanker, but can also be integrated with the vessel’s DARPS system for control and monitoring of ‘Green-line’ status. Example shuttle set-up.

Key features

  • Reliable two-way communication using two separate controllers with UHF at different frequencies in parallel
  • Robust against in-band interference due to specialized communication protocol with low latency
  • Exclusive 'one-to-one' communication links established between FPSO and SHT
  • Unique ID ensures integrity
  • Well-marked Emergency Stop switch
  • Supports both analogue and digital interface to external equipment
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Ease of operation with 2-line display and keypad, limited operator training needed
  • Flexible configuration
  • 'Green-line' status can be monitored on a portable solution
  • ANATEL approved

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