3710 DGNSS Receiver

The 3710 DGNSS Receiver is a high-performance DGNSS receiver capable of receiving augmentation data from the Fugro Satellite Positioning worldwide DGNSS Service. The Fugro service is a full-time differential GNSS (DGNSS) broadcast system delivering differential corrections from an array of GNSS reference stations located around the globe. These services include independent sub-decimetre level services (Fugro Seastar G4/G2 and Fugro Seastar XP2), centimetre level services (Fugro Seastar G2+/G4+) and sub-metre level services (Fugro Seastar StdL1).

Enhanced availability DGNSS processing

The 3710 DGNSS Receiver gives the user an unmatched availability in challenging environments where the use of differential corrections is vital for an efficient operation. The 3710 DGNSS Receiver offers reception from both internet and satellites simultaneously. It has the unique capability of simultaneously receiving and outputting data from up to three sources (two satellite links and one internet link). The signals are received via the DGNSS antenna and by internet. After selection of the desired broadcast source, the signals are made available as corrections for use in a GNSS differential capable receiver.

Multiplexing Capability

The 3710 DGNSS Receiver comprises a software defined radio (SDR) signal processing core with advanced algorithms and true parallel processing of up to two DGNSS satellite signals and one DGNSS Ethernet signal (NTRIP format) simultaneously. DGNSS corrections from different sources are combined by the unique multiplexing capability.

Key features

  • Fugro Seastar™ XP/XP2/G2/G2+/G4/G4+/StdL1 capability
  • Configurable output for external interfaces
  • Integrated 2-line LCD display and keypad for system configuration and status
  • Easy software updates via USB
  • Ethernet interface
  • Serial interface


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