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Simrad TU40

The Simrad TU40 Trigger System was developed for fish finding vessels and the hydroacoustic systems they use.

In research vessels, the hydroacoustic system are the main scientific tools. Nothing can disturb the received echoes, as this will make the echo data unusable for the scientists. For this reason, the K-Sync was developed. It controls the transmission for all the hydroacoustic systems onboard the vessel, synchronizing them in groups by the transmission rate.

The K-Sync is too powerful for a fishing vessel. That is why Simrad developed a similar concept for fishing vessels, the TU40 Triggere System. This system is dedicated for fishing vessels. You specify a chosen system as "master", and the TU40 distributes the transmission control to all other hydroacoustic systems on board.

The TU40 has twelve independent channels. All the channels are isolated and the unit is compatible with most commercial hydroacoustic equipment, not only with Simrad equipment.CD019902_simrad_bottom_line_english.png

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