System diagram

The Simrad TU40 system comprises a computer with display and the Trigger Unit.


(A) Display
(B) Computer
(C) Trigger Unit
(D) Maximum 12 hydroacoustic systems (sonars, echo sounders etc.) 


A display is required for the TU40 Trigger System. For best readability, you must protect the display from glare and have the correct height and angle. The display is not a standard part of the TU40 delivery. This is a commercial item that you can purchase locally.

Processor Unit

The Processor Unit is the computer that controls the TU40 system. It is a vital part of the TU40 Trigger System. The Processor Unit is not a standard part of the TU40 delivery. Upon request, we can provide a suitable computer for the TU40 system.

The Trigger Unit runs autonomously. Once you have completed the setup, the TU40 program can be closed. You can also disconnect the Processor Unit from the Trigger Unit.

Trigger Unit

The Trigger Unit comprises a programmable logic controller (PLC) and other electronic circuitry providing synchronized trigger signals. The standard Trigger Unit can control up to 12 hydroacoustic systems.

Once set up, the Trigger Unit runs autonomously without needing a computer or software.