Simrad TU40

Hydroacoustic trigger system

With several hydroacoustic systems in use simultaneously, interference may be a problem. The Simrad TU40 Trigger System fixes this problem by synchronizing sonars, echo sounders and other hydroacoustic systems. The Simrad TU40 is developed for fishing vessels as a small and intuitive system for synchronization purposes.


  • Surface
  • Fish Finding
  • Hydroacoustic Synchronization

Optimizing Hydroacoustic Data Quality

On research vessels, the hydroacoustic systems are the main scientific tools. Nothing can disturb the received echoes, as this will make the echo data unusable for the scientists. For this reason, the K-Sync was developed. However, the K-Sync is too powerful for fishing vessels. That is why we developed the Simrad TU40 Trigger System which is dedicated for fishing vessels. You specify a chosen system as 'master', and the TU40 distributes the transmission control to all other hydroacoustic systems on board.

Basic facts

The TU40 has twelve independent channels. All the channels are isolated, and the unit is compatible with most commercial hydroacoustic equipment, not only with Simrad equipment. The Trigger Unit runs autonomously. It is set up from a commercial computer running the TU40 program. This application provides the user interface, which allows you to monitor status, settings, and transmit trigger schedules. Once setup is completed, the TU40 program can be closed. The computer can be disconnected from the Trigger Unit, and even put to other use.

Operational principles

Whenever more than one hydroacoustic system is installed on a vessel, interference may occur. To avoid interference, you can either set up one of the hydroacoustic systems as "master", or connect all the sonars and/orecho sounders to a common synchronization system. By means of trigger signals, a common synchronization system will provide individual control of each sonar and/or echo soundertransmission ("ping") sequence.

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