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System description

Use Simrad TV80 to get a full overview of the fishing situation.

With the TV80 you can record all the data received from the sensors, and save them as data files on your Processor Unit. You can copy the files to other vessels, or to net and trawl door manufacturers. The TV80 also generates time stamped data files with all the relevant information appreciated by scientists. While displaying the data provided by the sensors on your gear, the TV80 also calculates additional data based on the information from the catch monitoring and navigation sensors.

The TV80 can receive information from the following catch monitoring systems:

  • Simrad PI32
  • Simrad PI44
  • Simrad PI54
  • Simrad ITI
  • Simrad FS70

The TV80 can be connected - and can also control - the following catch monitoring receivers:

  • Simrad PI50
  • Simrad PI60
  • Simrad SR15
  • Simrad SR70

Simrad TV80 with an SR15 receiver (shown in the illustrations) is a small, but versatile system.


A. Display(s)
B. Computer
C. SR15 Sensor receiver
D. Hydrophone
E. Power supply

Simrad TV80 with an SR70 receiver (shown in the illustrations) is a larger system. It allows you to connect up to four hydrophones.


A. Display(s)
B. Computer
C. SR70 Sensor receiver
D. Hydrophones