Thruster Support Pool (TSP)

The Thruster Support Pool (TSP) provides replacement thruster units by exchanging complete shipsets of azimuth and tunnel thrusters, or even just a single thruster, from a pool of refurbished thrusters. As part of planned maintenance, the TSP normally reduces vessel downtime from 21 days to between four and seven days.

How does the Thruster Support Pool work?

A removed thruster is returned to one of our specialist workshops, where it is cleaned, sandblasted, and primed. The unit is completely disassembled and inspected, and then overhauled according to our specifications using our own parts. Any model upgrades are incorporated. 

The unit is spin tested to detect leaks, measure vibration, and temperature before any final adjustments to ensure full functionality. The thruster then enters the support pool with new zinc anti-corrosion anodes and approved coating, plus OEM warranty and society classifications. 

Key benefits for clients:

  • Predictable maintenance costs – Fixed price service based on size/type, and condition of returned unit
  • Classification – Full classification of all units in the support pool
  • Cost effective – No capital required for spare units, no Service Engineer waiting time charges
  • Time efficient – No repairs or waiting for parts in dry dock leading to a significantly shorter turn-around time
  • Maintenance efficiency – Full propulsion shipsets can be changed out in a single drydocking
  • Global support – Dedicated facilities will be equipped to provide local service
  • Warranty – Up to 18 months OEM warranty provided on units from the TSP

Which product models are available?

We have expanded our Thruster Support Pool to include typical combinations of thrusters installed on our customers’ vessels, enabling them to take full advantage of this service and order a complete propulsion shipset when planning dry docking activities. In addition to the products shown below, please check with your local service office regarding the availability of other thruster types.

Contacts and support

To find out how you can benefit from the Thruster Support Pool, contact us today. 

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