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Azipull thruster

The PM motor maintains a very high efficiency over a wide speed range. Proven high propulsive and hydrodynamic efficiency.

The new permanent magnetic driven Azipull

The Azipull-PM (AZP-PM) was introduced earlier this year. It has an L-drive configuration using essentially the same underwater unit as the conventional Azipull, but with a vertical shaft permanent magnet (PM) motor integrated into a new upper unit. The PM motor maintains a very high efficiency over a wide speed range.


Combined with the proven high propulsive and hydrodynamic efficiency of the Azipull this will be a winning combination, especially as there is a further small gain in mechanical efficiency by eliminating the upper gearbox. Space requirements in the thruster room are reduced because the new thruster is compact, the PM motor lying within the diameter of the mounting flange giving a small footprint and avoiding the complication of a coupling and foundations for the separate motor of a conventional Z or C drive electric configuration.

First to be introduced to the market is the AZP-PM L-drive 120 size, rated at 1,800 - 3,500kW continuous. This will be followed by two smaller frame sizes, 085 and 100, and one larger, the 150, so that this azimuth thruster series will in due course span a power range from 900kW to 5,000kW. They will cover the speed range up to 24 knots.

Key features

  • Highly efficient pulling thruster
  • Space saving compact thruster
  • Reduced installation time for shipyards
  • Available with CPP or FPP propeller


Services et support

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