M3 Sonar PHS

Portable Hydrographic System

The M3 Sonar® PHS is a powerful, affordable, entry level turn-key survey system. M3 Sonar PHS features an incredibly small multibeam sonar head and convenient top-side interface unit including a commercial laptop.

1. M3 Sonar PHS: Affordable Survey System

M3 Sonar operates at a frequency of 500 kHz, capable of scanning depths ranging from 0.2 to 50 meters. It boasts a swath width of 120° and sharp beam widths offering a transmitter angle of 3° and receiver angle of 1.6°. With the ability to generate up to 256 beams, the sonar uses both Continuous Wave (CW) and Frequency-Modulated (FM) pulse forms. This advanced system achieves an effective pulse length ranging from 10 μs to 10 ms and can achieve a maximum ping rate of 40 Hz, all encased within durable materials like Hard Anodized Aluminum, Stainless Steel 316, and Elastomeric Polyurethane.

HO Compliance and Fast Set-Up

Capable of meeting two orders of IHO standards, the M3 Sonar ensures vertical accuracy compliance for Order 1 surveys and Special Order. The system facilitates fast, easy plug-and-play set-up and take-down, providing a complete system with all required sensors for deployment. Preconfigured with survey acquisition and processing software, it seamlessly operates with HYPACK HYSWEEP and QINSy.


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