Multibeam Sonar - M3 Sonar HF

The M3 Sonar HF is a high-frequency sonar with imaging and profiling modes. It is an impressive upgrade to the original M3 Sonar, with an all-titanium construction and two-hundred percent higher resolution.

Delivering superior image quality and coverage, the M3 Sonar HF provides high-quality distortion-free images over a 140° sector, reducing the time it takes to search for and locate targets. This versatile multibeam sonar offers both imaging and profiling capabilities.

Imaging data gathered from the M3 Sonar HF is high resolution, with cm-level feature detection capabilities that can be exported to a GeoTiff image. Features can be detected in imagery data that are not apparent in traditional bathymetric data. In addition, using the M3 Sonar HF with a third-party software driver, such as SoundTiles software, provides automatically-mosaiced images.

Infrastructure inspection.
Gas-leak detection and seep localization.

The M3 Sonar HF also provides excellent bathymetric data at very low cost. For profiling, using this sonar with HYPACK Hysweep provides 3D point-cloud data.

Pipeline survey and inspection.
Dredged shipping channel.
Concrete mats.


  • 4000 m depth rating
  • 700 kHz long-range mode up to 100 m
  • Excellent resolution and full 140° coverage at 950 kHz
  • 1200 kHz and 1400 kHz for the highest resolution up close for target and feature identification
  • Portable enough to be deployed on an ROV or a Pole Mount
  • Distortion-free images at a high update rate
  • User-friendly interface
  • CHIRP and Doppler modes of operation
  • Significant time savings


  • Pipeline survey and inspection
  • Gas-leak detection and seep monitoring
  • Fish behaviour monitoring
  • Fish habitat mapping
  • Infrastructure inspection
  • Dredge monitoring
  • Cable laying and trenching

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