Bathymetric option

By adding the bathymetric application to the Simrad ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder you get a true dual-purpose multibeam echo sounder.

The resulting system provides two main functions:

  • a scientific multibeam echo sounder with calibrated split-beams for fishery research
  • a hydrographic multibeam echo sounder system for seabed mapping

System diagram


(A) Display
(B) Processor Unit (computer)
(C) Transducer
(D) Power Supply (3)
(E) Transceiver Unit
(F) Bathymetric Workstation & Display
(G) Bathymetric Processing Unit

This illustration shows a complete Simrad ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder with the bathymetric system units.

System description

When you use the bathymetric application with the ME70, a fan of beams similar to what is customary for hydrographic multibeam echo sounders is created. These beams are processed by the Bathymetric Processor Unit. This is an advanced bottom detector computer normally found in the hydrographic multibeam echo sounders provided by Kongsberg Maritime.

The soundings generated by the bottom detector computer are transferred to the Bathymetric Operator Station and the Seafloor Information System (SIS) application. This ensures compatible data with the other hydrographic multibeam echo sounders. By using the remote control features of the ME70, the Seafloor Information System (SIS) application is allowed to control the entire operation.

From an operational point of view, the user interface provided by the ME70 with the bathymetric application is identical to the interface used by the hydrographic multibeam echo sounders provided by Kongsberg Maritime.

Main units

The Bathymetric option for the Simrad ME70 comprises two units. Both units are added to the standard Simrad ME70 system. A complete mapping system will in addition require a colour display, vessel motion sensor, a heading sensor, sound velocity sensor(s) and a positioning system.

  • Bathymetric Workstation
  • Bathymetric Processor Unit

Bathymetric Processing Unit

The Bathymetric Processing Unit is provided to process the depth information from the ME70 Processor Unit. The signal processing allows the seabed mapping functionality provided by the ME70.

The Bathymetry Processing Unit is a custom-built computer based on the Hydrographic Processor Unit using commercially available components. The unit is designed and tested for rugged use.

The Bathymetry Processing Unit is designed for mounting in a standard 19-inch rack. Data is received from the ME70 Processor Unit, and then processed to create seabed mapping information.

Bathymetric WorkStation

The Bathymetric Work Station is a rugged and powerful computer. It is designed for long life in a demanding maritime environment. It contains the operational software, and offers the user interface that allows you to control the bathymetric operations.

The main program running on the Bathymetric Work Station is the Seafloor Information System (SIS). This is a real-time software application designed for operation and real-time data processing for hydrographic instruments. The main task of the SIS program is to be a logical and intuitive user interface. It shall provide all necessary functionality for an efficient survey.
The Bathymetric Work Station is based on the Hydrographic Work Station and using the Microsoft® Windows 7 operating system.

Seafloor Information System (SIS)

For more information about the Seafloor Information System (SIS),

observe the dedicated product page.