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The ME70 is a unique multibeam echo sounder. It combines the quantitative element from the split-beam echo sounders with the resolution and the extended sampling volume from the multibeam world. It is dedicated to collecting data from the water column. In addition to the obvious fish and marine mammals, other targets such as methane gas seep and seafloor vegetation can be measured.

The ME70 is designed for fishery research applications. It operates in the frequency range of 70 to 120 kHz using 800 transmitting and receiving channels. By adding bathymetry functionality to the standard system, the ME70 also provides high resolution seabed mapping.


(A) Top bar gives you fast access to key functionality and navigational information.
(B) Replay bar allows you to retrieve saved files, and to control the playback.

(C) Echogram views
(D) Information fields provide additional and detailed data from the ME70 presentation.
(E) Swath view
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The ME70 Multibeam scientific echo sounder is designed for high operating flexibility. The system includes a wide fan of stabilized beams for fish behaviour studies, fish school characterization, and other purposes. A sector of these beams can be set up as split beams providing data for single target analysis such as target strength measurements and target tracking. The sector of calibrated narrow split beams with low sidelobe levels and short pulse lengths allows for accurate biomass estimation very close to the bottom.

Key facts

  • Simrad ME70 operates in the 70 to 120 kHz frequency range.
  • Simrad ME70 provides an adjustable acoustic fan containing 3 to 45 stabilized beams.
  • All beams can be configured as split beams.
  • The calibration software is included.
  • The minimum beam opening is 2 degrees depending on the operational frequency and steering.
  • The total swath width is 140 degrees.
  • The athwartship center angle of the fan can be adjusted from +45 to -45 degrees.
  • The minimum acquisition depth is less than 1 m below the transducer, this depends on the beam mode configuration.
  • Sidelobe levels and beam interleakage are adjustable from -35 to -70 dB depending on the beamwidth and the frequency configuration.


Two systems are available to expand the utility value of the ME70 multibeam scientific echo sounder system:

  • Bathymetric processor system for high-resolution seabed mapping
  • Element Data Logger for collection of high-volume element data

The bathymetry option provided for the ME70 allows you to use the system not only as a scientific multibeam echo sounder for fishery research applications but also as a multibeam echo sounder for seabed mapping. Additional hardware items are added to the basic ME70 system to provide this functionality.

The Ocean Science product ME70 has a defined and publicly available output format which is specified in the product’s interface description. For post-processing of the output data we refer you to this documentation, or use commercially available software applications like for example Echoview.

Key functionality

  • Transceiver input control
  • Sensor input control
  • Information display
  • Raw data recording with network interface
  • Replay previously recorded echo data
  • Low self-noise
  • Remote control
  • Data subscription functionality
  • Define and save your own user settings
  • Easy operation within an intuitive user interface
  • Clear and easily comprehensive echo data
  • 25 transceiver boards provide 800 individual channels

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