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Side scan echo sounder - EA400


In addition to regular depth sounding the EA400 Hydrographic Echo Sounder can now be employed for side looking sonar surveying. One or two 120kHz or 200kHz side looking transducers, mounted on a pole or on the side of the keel, may be utilized for excellent and accurate surveying of harbours or other relatively shallow areas.

Advantages to our side scan echo sounder

  • Only one set of equipment for depth sounding and imaging is needed
  • Ease of operation: no towed bodies
  • Digital recording of side scan echo sounder images
  • Excellent image quality
  • Click in the image area and export the data to the network
Dual 120 kHz with 200 kHz depth sounding
Single 200 kHz with 38 kHz bottom detector line
Single side scan with 200 kHz - wreck detection

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