MFD 307

Multi function display

This multi function display (MFD 307) 7” is a maritime 10 finger capacitive touch panel computer. It can be used together with a variety of Kongsberg navigation products with a relevant application layer installed. It has been tested and approved according to IEC 60945. The design allows for different mounting solutions.

Versatile Integration and Approvals

Some navigation products are wheel marked. For wheel marked products the display will include a software which is type approved in line with a performance standard. The MFD 307 PANEL COMPUTER is quick to install and easy to operate. Panel mount (flush), flange mount, DIN rail mount and RAM bracket mount are the available options for installation flexibility.

Seamless Communication and Optional Support

The communication between the display and the relevant navigation equipment is via Ethernet and/or serial line (RS-422). The serial line support is an optional variant of the product. The MFD 7” is available as OEM with Linux installed as a platform for third party applications and products, illustrating the MFD 307’s adaptability as a maritime panel computer.

Key features

  • Reception of all types of internationally approved AIS messages including, but not restricted to, class A mobile, class B mobile, AtoN, and AIS base station
  • Three separate AIS channels
  • Static data, dynamic data, voyage-related data
  • Safety-related messaging
  • Easy integration via network or serial interfaces
  • Transmission of message 27 on SAT AIS frequencies

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