SeaPos 300

GPS navigation sensor

The SeaPos 300 series navigation sensors features type approved instruments for use on-board SOLAS vessels. All sensors are designed for integration with other navigation equipment, and will as default be configured and operated from an ECDIS without the need for separate external displays. The sensors are tested and approved in accordance with international regulations, and have the Wheelmark certification.


The SeaPos 300 series features: SeaPos 300 - an IALA beacon receiver SeaPos 310 - a GPS receiver SeaPos 320 - a DGPS receiver

Integration and Display Reduction

The SeaPos 300 series of navigation sensors is designed to be fully integrated with other navigation systems. This means that these models are per default delivered without external display for configuration and operation. All operation and functionality are handled from typically the ECDIS in an integrated bridge system. The SeaPos 300 sensors are hence type approved with ECDIS from different manufacturers and brands, in order to avoid installing a redundant display/keyboard. One important principle of e-navigation is to reduce the number of displays on the bridge. The navigator needs to have important information easily available in order to reduce response time for decisions. Better integration will lead to a better bridge environment as well as a simpler installation.

Interface and Wheel Mark Certification

The interface to other navigation systems is provided via network or serial interface (RS-422), in accordance with international standards. When used for type approved applications the MFD must be used. The SeaPos is delivered with a 7’’ MFD (MFD 307 panel computer) that is connected to the SeaPos via LAN. The MFD 307 is made for flush mount, but a variation of brackets can optionally be delivered.

Key features

  • 50-channel GPS receiver (all in view)
  • Pos. accuracy (GPS1) 2.5 m CEP
  • Pos. accuracy (DGPS1) 2.0 m CEP (SBAS, IALA)
  • Acquisition, cold-start 45 seconds
  • Communication ports 1 x RS-422 (isolated), 1 x RS-232 (service, unisolated), 1 USB 2.0 interface
  • Baud rate 4800 to 115200 Baud
  • Message formats NMEA 0183
  • Ethernet, 10/100 Mbit/s (autosense),configurable data output on UDP Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast and TCP (server)
  • MTBF Designed for 45.000 hours
  • SeaPos Unit 0.85 kg, 260 x 133 x 54 mm
  • IALA antenna 1.0 kg, 1000 mm
  • GPS 4 antenna 0.15 kg, 230 mm x 33 mm
  • IALA/GNSS antenna 0.75 kg, 104 x 145 mm
  • SeaPos Unit 12 to 32 V DC, 4 W continuous
  • IALA antenna 9 to 15 V DC
  • GPS 4 antenna 5 V DC
  • IALA/GNSS antenna 5 to 12 V DC


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