The cNODE Modem MiniS is designed for the Point 2 Point transfer of data between two cNODE’s or to a surface vessel equipped with any HiPAP and µPAP systems. The data telemetry operates on CYMBAL digital protocols, Kongsberg field proven robust proprietary link. One cNODE Modem MiniS can address several other cNODE Modems during operation using the Kongsberg Link User Protocol. The data telemetry operates on CYMBAL, Kongsberg’s field proven and robust proprietary link. Data rates of up to 6 kb/s are available. The cNODE Modem MiniS is simple to configure with the TTC Light software.

Optimized Data Telemetry and Configuration

The cNODE Modem MiniS enables high speed telemetry capabilities with clear communication facilitated through the robust CYMBAL digital protocols. Rated for 4000 meter depths, it features an anodized aluminium housing and offers different transducer options, including an omnidirectional and a narrow beam transducer suitable for varying operational environments. The simplicity of its configuration using TTC Light software ensures ease of use for various applications.

Key features

  • Transparent Modem function
  • High-speed telemetry capabilities
  • Modem interface: RS-232/485/422
  • Cymbal channels (560+)
  • SSBL and LBL positioning
  • Range measurements between transponders
  • 4000-meter depth rated
  • 34-180 has 180° omnidirectional beam
  • 34-40V has 40° narrow beam
  • Coated anodized aluminum housing
  • Internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Battery charger: 0-100% in one hour
  • External Power: 24 VDC (20 - 28V), 1A / 24 W maximum
  • External connector for configuration and software update
  • Transmitting power: High, Low, Min (6 dB steps)
  • External on/off function
  • Internal tilt sensor ± 90°
  • Pressure relief valve (safety device)
  • Frequency band 21-31 kHz
  • Operating temperature -5 °C to +55 °C.

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