Kongsberg Maritime’s cNODE MiniS Transponder comes with an impressive array of features, designed to meet the versatile demands of underwater acoustic positioning and data telemetry. The cNODE MiniS Transponders are equipped to handle 560+ Cymbal digital acoustic channels and FSK B channels, making them suitable for diverse marine applications. Available with pressure-rated housings of 4000 m and 7000 m, along with various transducer options, this robust equipment is tailored for use in deep-sea environments.

Optimized Positioning and Data Transmission

The cNODE MiniS Transponders are paramount for precise positioning, most significantly observed when positioning a Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicle (WROV) or Towfish in SSBL mode. The technology allows for flexible operational modes, accommodating noisy vehicles through a responder mode for quicker positional updates. Moreover, with the integration of an internal tilt sensor, the transponders provide comprehensive data by transmitting both the position and attitude of the tracked targets simultaneously without the need for additional telemetry equipment.

Versatile Functionality

Alongside high versatility in positioning modes, the cNODE MiniS offers full Long Baseline (LBL) capability, meaning it can accurately measure baselines, become an integral part of an LBL array, or be tracked as an LBL target transponder. Configuration of the transponder is effortless, either via RS232 line or acoustically through telemetry channels. Maintaining compatibility is vital, thus the cNODE MiniS fully supports Kongsberg’s HiPAP, µPAP, and cPAP positioning systems, ensuring precise ranging and secure underwater communication.

Key features

  • 500+ Cymbal Wideband channels
  • Full telemetry frequency underwater positioning systems for precise ranging and positioning
  • SSBL and LBL ranging utilizing Cymbal acoustic wideband protocol
  • Fast Track functionality
  • Responder mode
  • Compact housing for the transponder electronics
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery
  • Compatibility with HiPAP, µPAP and cPAP
  • Depth rating of 4000 m/7000 m
  • RS232 Comms for setup and channel change

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