Transponder Test and Configuration unit light

TTC Light is a simple software that runs on your Windows PC for configuration of the cNODE family of transponders. TTC Light can also be used to acoustically test other transponders on deck by connecting a cNODE MiniS to the PC.

Software Download to the cNODE MiniS and Installation

The cNODE MiniS may require an upgrade to the latest software version. By using the Transponder Configurator program and connecting the unit to the PC, you can download the new software efficiently. Note that this step may be necessary for software versions before 7.04, delivered before 15 September 2016. The successful completion of the download will be indicated by a message confirming the software download succeeded. Follow the provided procedure to install and prepare the software for operation.

Transponder Testing Mode and Configuration of Transponders

The Transponder Testing Mode facilitates the acoustic deck-testing of other transponders via the Transponder Tester program. For configuration changes such as Channel selection or acoustic protocol, the Transponder Configurator tool is utilized. The procedure for testing involves connecting the transponders and checking or changing various settings including the program version. After executing these changes, the transponder will confirm the download and be ready for operation with its new configuration. Both screengrabs for the Transponder Configuration Tab and Transponder Tester Tab are referenced here.

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