Automatic identification system

The AIS 300BF is an enhanced version of the type approved AIS 300 class A mobile station, which also offers secure communication in addition to standard AIS functionality. In secure mode the AIS 300BF will still be able to detect all AIS mobile stations in its coverage area but it will not reveal its own position to any other than friendly forces.

Advanced Integration for Heightened Security

Blue Force (BF) is a common term for own units or friendly forces. The AIS 300BF, being the 3rd generation secure AIS mobile from Kongsberg, is designed for seamless integration with navigation equipment such as ECDIS and radar. It boasts an improved receiver sensitivity, offering an increased range over standard units. The unique operational modes of the AIS 300BF cater to varying levels of security requirements, with the ability to switch from a standard AIS class A mobile station to a secure mode that encrypts transmitted AIS data for exclusive visibility to Blue Force units.

Enhanced Connectivity and User Interface

Ease of installation and maintenance is a hallmark of the AIS 300BF, equipped with a bracket for strain relief and a user-friendly built-in WEB user interface for straightforward configuration. Offering a hassle-free software upgrade process through the WEB UI and USB interface, Kongsberg ensures that the AIS 300BF remains updated with the latest software available via download from a Kongsberg-hosted FTP server.

Comprehensive Navigation Interfaces

The AIS 300BF goes beyond standard functionality with a focus on integration and improved reliability of received navigation data from other vessels. Interfaces for ECDIS and radar are provided through the Presentation Interface, allowing for easy decryption and internal encryption. These capabilities ensure that AIS target information, such as position, heading, course, and speed are readily available to mariners, enhancing situational awareness and maritime safety.

Key features

  • VHF antenna
  • Three different modes
  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Reception of all types of internationally approved AIS messages including, but not restricted to, class A mobile, class B mobile, AtoN and AIS base station
  • Three separate AIS channels
  • Static data, dynamic data, voyage related data
  • Safety related messaging
  • Easy integration via network or serial interfaces
  • Transmission of message 27 on SAT AIS frequencies
  • 7” multifunction touch display for configuration, operation and monitoring
  • Mode switch (option) for effective swiching between modes

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