Motion Reference Unit

The miniMRU is a contuinuation of KONGSBERG’s established Motion Reference Unit (MRU) technology designed for embedded applications and integrated solutions where precise attitude measurement is required.

Compact size

Its compact size and low-weight combined with easy interfacing makes it a convenient solution for any application that requires motion compensation, including multibeam echo sounder transducer heads, under water telemetry transponders and fishing sonars.

High accuracy

Available in different versions offering roll and pitch accuracy between 0.03° and 0.08°, the miniMRU range combines 3-axis sensors for linear acceleration and angular rate, complete signal processing electronics and power supply into a single, compact and extremely rugged unit. The system outputs both raw and processed gyro and accelerometer data such as roll, pitch, heave motion, linear acceleration, and angular rate.


The miniMRU can both be used as an IMU or as a sensor for output of processed roll, pitch and heave motion data. The product include the most accurate MEMS linear accelerometers and angular rate sensors available in the world. The miniMRU is delivered with a Windows based configuration software (MRC+). The configuration software communicates with the miniMRU via Ethernet.


The product include two output and input serial lines and Ethernet communication. For time synchronization, the miniMRU accepts 1-second time pulse (1PPS) output on a TTL line (XIN) or as RS-232/422 signal.

Product range:

  • miniMRU 30 - 0.08° roll and pitch accuracy
  • miniMRU 40 - 0.08° roll and pitch accuracy
  • miniMRU 50 - 0.03° roll and pitch accuracy
  • miniMRU 60 - 0.03° roll and pitch accuracy

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