Support for Simrad products

Kongsberg Discovery owns the "Simrad" brand name and supports all Simrad products. We offer worldwide support and training on our professional fish-finding systems.

Get help

We have trusted dealers all over the world. Wherever you buy a Simrad product, you can get help and advice.

Software license forms

You will need a valid software license for some of our products to unlock proper use or special features. Ask your dealer for advice, or use these forms.

Latest software versions

We have an overview of the latest software versions for selected Simrad products.

End-user documentation, data sheets and installation drawings

You can download product documents from each product page. You can also use the following shortcuts:

Support on yachting, recreational and leisure products

We have been in business for many years. We do not maintain all products named 'Simrad'.

Discontinued products

See our dedicated page for a complete alphabetic listing of all Kongsberg Discovery and Kongsberg Maritime products, including discontinued products.

Simrad product training

Get the most out of your Simrad fish-finding equipment with in-depth product training. We can provide you with the professional training you need wherever and whenever you need it.

Although we do our best to make our products easy to use, product training is often helpful. Our sonars, echo sounders, and catch monitoring systems provide lots of functionality, and even experienced skippers have found our training classes helpful. We realise that your training must take place wherever you are whenever you can find spare time. For this reason, we offer the following solutions:

  • Scheduled training classes at our main factory in Horten, Norway, using our boat, "M/K Simrad Echo," to conduct hands-on training
  • Customer-initiated training classes at our main factory in Horten, Norway
  • Customer-initiated training classes at the location of your choice
  • On-the-job training during installation and sea tests

About our support

Since the first Simrad product was released only a few years after the Second World War, thousands of radiotelephones, echo sounders, sonars, and other tools for efficient commercial fishing have been manufactured. Many of these old products are still in use!

With each Simrad product, a worldwide service and support organisation is available. We have several main support centres, and every Simrad distributor and dealer can provide immediate repair, help, or advice.

If your product does not fit into our professional fish-finding product categories, you may try to choose the support available from Simrad Yachting or Kongsberg Discovery. We do not maintain their products, but they are frequently found with the Simrad brand name.