Yachting, recreational and leisure products

Sorry! The product group or product you have chosen is neither manufactured nor supported by us.

If you are looking for information or assistance for your Simrad brand autopilot, GPS, chartplotter, or radar, you will need to contact Navico. We sold our yachting, recreational and leisure product lines to them in 2005, and we are no longer affiliated. For your convenience, you may use the link below to be redirected to their website.

Typical SIMRAD yachting, recreational and leisure products that are NOT supported by us are:

  • Autopilots
  • GPS systems
  • Chartplotters
  • Leisure fish finders

Why is this??

Although we are indeed the original company that created the SIMRAD brand for more than 75 years ago, other manufacturers have been permitted to use the same brand name.

One is Navico, a company that was founded after the Kongsberg Group sold our yachting business in 2005. Their subsidiary Simrad Yachting are manufacturing yachting, recreational and leisure products that have the SIMRAD brand label.

We apologize for the confusion.

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