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Since the original company was started more than 75 years ago, the Simrad brand has become the world's most recognized brand for professional fish-finding equipment. We are the original brand. The brand name Simrad is owned by Kongsberg Discovery, and the majority of the products are developed and manufactured by Kongsberg Discovery in Horten, Norway.


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About us

Our products comprise advanced sonars, echo sounders (fish finders) and catch monitoring systems for the world's fishing fleet. We offer worldwide sales and service to the professional fishery community.

SIMRAD was founded in 1947 by Willy Simonsen. The name SIMRAD derives from “SIMonsen RADio”, and, as the name indicates, it all started with radios. The development shortly evolved from the initial product line into echo sounders and sonars. Today, SIMRAD is recognised worldwide for premium performance products. We manufacture sonars, echo sounders, gear monitoring equipment and transducers.

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Any sale or supply to customers in Russia, Iran, North Korea, Burma/Myanmar, Syria and Libya is prohibited.

The exportation, re-exportation, sale or supply, directly or indirectly, of Simrad Commercial Fishery items and software in the fishery segment to a military (naval) or governmental end-user in a country that is sanctioned or under restrictive measures by Norway, is not permitted without prior authorization by Kongsberg Discovery's head office.