SIMRAD: More than 75 years of innovation

Simrad was founded in 1947 by Willy Simonsen. The name SIMRAD derives from “SIMonsen RADio”, and, as the name indicates, it all started with radios. The development shortly evolved from the initial product line into echo sounders and sonars. And that's what we've been doing for more than 75 years.

Simrad's slogan is "Technology for sustainable fisheries". We live by this slogan every day. We believe a sustainable fishery is the only way to survive. By sustainable, we mean a healthy take out of the world fish stocks and an efficient and profitable fishery for the fisherman. Technology is an essential factor in achieving this. Products that we believe have contributed to sustainable fishing are:

  • Long-range sonar systems allow you to find the fish faster.
  • Echo sounders with split-beam technology make it possible to catch the right-sized fish.
  • Gear monitoring instruments reduce the impact of a trawl on the fauna. You can catch the right fish at the right time for better quality and catch the correct species. You can also disregard any by-catch before you bring it to the surface.

These and many more reasons will help us all to obtain a sustainable and profitable fishery.

Efficiency and profitability mean sustainable fishery. Simrad believes that an efficient fishing vessel will save the environment in many ways. One is saving fuel. You reduce the CO2 emissions when the vessel spends less time on the sea. Efficiency is vital to becoming profitable.

However, other factors are also important.

Catching the right size of fish, for example, will give you a better price and ensure that you are not catching small, non-reproductive fish, thus cutting off the lifeline to the future. The correct species is another important factor. To be able to see what species of fish enter your trawl and then to be able to guide not wanted fish out will save the environment. Early deciding what school to catch saves the environment as your vessel will only travel what is strictly needed. All this is possible using technology made by Simrad, and we will not stop here. Our goal is continuous improvement in performance as well as with groundbreaking technology.