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Support Simrad products

The "Simrad" brand name is owned by Kongsberg Maritime. All Simrad products are thus supported by Kongsberg Maritime. We offer world wide support and training on our professional fish finding and underwater science systems.

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Support on yachting, recreational and leisure products

About our support

Since the first Simrad product was released only a few years after the second world war, thousands of radio telephones, echo sounders, sonars and other tools for efficient commercial fishing have been manufactured. Many of these old products are still in use!

With each Simrad product, a world wide service and support organization is at your disposal. We have several main support centres, and every Simrad distributor and dealer can provide immediate repair, help or advice.

Simrad has been in business for many years. Not all products with the name 'Simrad' on it are maintained by us. If you are not a professional, or your product does not fit into any of our professional fish finding and underwater science product categories, you may try to choose Simrad Yachting or Kongsberg Maritime. Their products are not maintained by us, but they are frequently found with the Simrad brand name.