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AIS service management system

AIS Physical Shore Stations can operate in a network in order to extend the AIS coverage area. The remote operation and maintenance of a network of AIS Base Stations is Internet Protocol (IP) based. The KONGSBERG AIS base stations have network interfaces and the AIS messages are sent to the centralized location (port center) for visualization in e.g. the AIS CM. The base station can use UDP Unicast, Multicast or TCP/IP. New AIS base stations can be added without additional SW license cost. The solution provides data directly to clients.

AIS Central Monitor (AIS CM)

Monitoring of all AIS vessels and AIS AtoN within range

The AIS CM is a utility developed in order to operate an AIS Base Station network including monitoring of all AIS vessels and AIS AtoN (Aid to Navigation) within range. The User Interface can utilize different types of electronic charts.

The AIS CM is receiving a data stream of VDM messages (vessel data) received by AIS Base Stations connected to the network.

Main functions

  • AIS Base Station management incl. status monitoring, alarm monitoring and configuration.
  • Geographical displaying of AIS targets (Vessels, AIS Base Stations and AIS AtoN) as an electronic map overlay
  • A tabular listing of AIS targets incl. sorting and filtering functionality
  • AIS target detail window (Vessels, AIS Base Stations, AIS AtoNs)

The User Interface will provide a seamless entry to other modules like data storage, data replay, addressed and broadcast message transmission, area definition tool etc.

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