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TD50 3D Visualization Tool

The TD50 enables live streaming of 3D data generated by fish finding and scientific single- and multibeam hydroacoustic systems.

The unique TD50 3D Visualization Software is currently operational with the following products:

  • ME70 scientific multibeam echo sounder
  • MS70 scientific multibeam sonar
  • EK80 scientific wideband echo sounder

The TD50 software reads the incredibly clean raw data from the source systems in real-time, and delivers accurate live visualization of the ocean space beneath the vessel to the scientific lab onboard and/or to the bridge. Previously this data had to be post-processed before the 3D potential of the system was realized. A live feed is now available. Researchers and vessel crews benefit from a new highly effective decision support tool that can enhance vessel efficiency and the effectiveness of scientific surveys in general.

The TD50 Multibeam 3D Visualization Software is shown presenting sand eels on sand bottom. The raw data is taken from the ME70 Scientific multibeam echo sounder on M/S Simrad Echo.

Accurate 3D visualization gives you a better understanding of the marine ecosystem. It allows precise measurement of schools of fish rather than estimating size and shapes based on models. Additionally, a 3D view of bottom topography and the related bottom habitats further enhances the understanding of marine ecosystems. When accurate 3D visualization is delivered in real time, the benefits are significant.

The TD50 is especially relevant to projects using 'adaptive sampling', as the live 3D stream of the survey area enables you to see specific attributes as the vessel passes over them, allowing action for further inspection to be taken immediately.

The live 3D stream from the source systems can be delivered to multiple locations on board which allows for better interaction between scientists and the vessel operators, which is typically important in demanding operations where the vessel interacts with objects in the water column. Research vessels engaged in an active sampling of biology such as trawling can also improve their capabilities, with the TD50 system effectively providing a 'long range camera' below the surface.

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