Scientific multibeam echo sounder

The ME70 is a unique multibeam echo sounder that unites the quantitative functionality of split-beam echo sounders with the resolution and extended sampling volume inherent to multibeam systems. Purpose-built for water column data acquisition, it targets a range of subjects from fish and marine mammals to methane gas seeps and seafloor vegetation. The ME70 is optimized for fishery research applications, operating within 70 to 120 kHz and boasting 800 transmitting and receiving channels. Enhancing capabilities further, the standard system includes bathymetry functionality, furnishing high-resolution seabed mapping.


  • Ocean science
  • Fish-finding echo sounder
  • Sonar
  • Transducers
  • Scientific Echosounders
  • Scientific multibeam systems
  • Split beam echo sounder
  • Multi-frequency transducer

Multibeam Scientific Echo Sounder

The ME70 Multibeam scientific echo sounder excels in its operational flexibility. The system's suite includes a broad fan of stabilized beams ideal for fish behavior studies, fish school characterization, and similar research activities. A sector of beams can be designated as split beams to collect data for single target analysis like target strength measurements and tracking. Calibrated narrow split beams with reduced sidelobe levels and brief pulse durations make for accurate biomass estimation even near the bottom.

Enhanced Functional Utility

To augment the ME70 multibeam scientific echo sounder's utility value, two additional systems are on offer: a Bathymetric processor system for sophisticated seabed mapping and an Element Data Logger designed for high-volume element data collection. The bathymetry option transforms the ME70 from a specialized scientific instrument to a comprehensive multibeam echo sounder for seabed mapping, integrating extra hardware into the basic setup. Definitions of the ME70's publicly accessible output format are detailed in the product’s interface description and can be post-processed using either this documentation or commercial software applications like Echoview.

Key features

  • Operates in the 70 to 120 kHz frequency range
  • Provides an adjustable acoustic fan containing 3 to 45 stabilized beams
  • All beams can be configured as split beams
  • The calibration software is included
  • The minimum beam opening is 2 degrees depending on the operational frequency and steering
  • The total swath width is 140 degrees
  • The athwartship center angle of the fan can be adjusted from +45 to -45 degrees
  • The minimum acquisition depth is less than 1 m below the transducer, this depends on the beam mode configuration
  • Sidelobe levels and beam interleakage are adjustable from -35 to -70 dB depending on the beamwidth and the frequency configuration

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