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Dual Axis Scanning Sonar

The Dual-Axis Sonar (DAS) is a profiling system designed for long-term seabed or structure monitoring. This scanning sonar works with both the MS1000 software program or in "standalone mode" where the data is logged in the head and transmitted to shore via cable or wireless telemetry.

Scanning Sonar for Long-Term Offshore Monitoring

Dual-Axis Scanning Sonar application
  • Designed for long-term deployment in harsh conditions
  • Operates single or multiple DAS heads
  • Covers large areas
  • Outputs a 3D profile point digital data string
  • Operates with the MS1000 or in ‘standalone mode’

The continuous 3D surveying capability of the DAS provides crucial information on the dynamics of sediment scour and aggregation, and its rugged design is ideal for deployment on structures located in high current or harsh offshore environments.

The DAS outputs an X, Y, Z serial data string of profile points that can be processed by many digital terrain modelling software packages including K-Observer Software and EIVA NaviSuite Edulis (specific to scour monitoring).

DAS System Operation & Configuration

The DAS sonar head is designed primarily for pole mount deployment, A single or multiple heads can be integrated into a system to monitor a large area.

Operating Modes

1) STAND-ALONE MODE (default)

  • Uses host or third party supplied power
  • Acquires profile data using pre-defined configurations

2) MS1000 MODE

  • The MS1000 processing software operates the sonar
  • Data is visualized on the screen and recorded for further processing
  • All MS1000 Standard Edition capabilities are enabled


  • Offshore wind turbine scour detection
  • Underwater bridge substructure and dock inspections
  • Dam and water intake surveys

Offshore scour monitoring system

DAS system configuration

Data Examples

3D Point Cloud Display

3D Point Cloud Display

Rail Bridge Pilings

Rail Bridge Pilings
Rail bridge with north and south pilings

River Pier Pilings

Pier located on the Rhone River in France

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