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Transducer cleaning

The transducer normally needs little attention. However, the transducer face must be inspected and cleaned when docking.


1. Place the vessel in dry dock.
2. Perform a thorough check of the transducer. If necessary, clean the transducer.
• To clean the transducer, use normal synthetic soap and water.
• To remove marine growth, use fine-grade sandpaper or emery paper.
• Do not use strong solvents.
• Do not attempt to scrape of marine growth with sheets of metal, screwdrivers or other tools made of metal or hard plastic.
• Do not use high pressure water to clean the transducer.
• Refer to your user manual for a more detailed procedure.

Important information:

  • Do not paint the transducer with traditional hull plating paint. Use only the correct type of approved paint specified by Simrad.
  • Do not use metal tools on the transducer.
  • Do not use a high pressure washer on the transducer.