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Simrad ES120-7CD

The Simrad ES120-7CD is a pressure rated split-beam composite transducer with a large bandwidth.

This large bandwidth provides a fine range resolution, which is important for single fish detection and target strength measurement. The transducer has four sectors. The ES120-7CD has been designed to withstand a large water pressure. It is therefore well suited for underwater vehicles and other submerged platforms.

The cable on ES120-7CD is two meters long. It is fitted with a 8-pin MacArtney SubConn subsea connector (MCIL8M). The plug fits directly into WBT Mini, WBAT and EK80 Portable.

The transducer is designed for mounting through the hull or a mounting frame using a mounting ring and a clamping ring.


Technical specifications

Download the Simrad ES120-7CD data sheet.


MCIL8M Subsea connector pin-out

Pin number Transducer sector Cable colour
1 1+ Black
2 1- White
3 2+ Red
4 2- Green
5 3+ Orange
6 3- Blue
7 4+ White/Black
8 4- Red/Black

Order information

Product Order number In the box
Simrad ES120-7CD 420848 Transducer

Optional items

Product Order number In the box
Mounting ring ES1-204719  
Clamping ring ES1-203672  
Transducer extension cable 423127  
Transducer plug, male 370-099033 Plug with 0.6 m cable
Transducer plug, male 394539 Plug with 5 m cable

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