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Simrad CP200-5C

The Simrad CP200-5C is a specialized transducer designed for water velocity measurements and fish finding.

The Simrad CP200-5C transducer housing contains three separate transducers set up to measure water velocity, and one single-beam transducer for traditional fish-finding. Due to its high operating frequency the CP200-5C provides accurate measurements and detailed echograms.

The transducer is normally mounted flush with the hull plating. A clamping frame is
used to secure the transducer body to a mounting frame. The mounting frame is welded to the bottom plate. The transducer cable penetrates the hull using a cable gland. The cable gland consists of a bushing, rubber gasket, washers and a packing nipple. The transducer can also be flush mounted at the bottom of a blister or a drop keel. 

The CP200-5C transducer is connected to a echo sounder system. For maximum
measurement accuray we strongly recommend that you connect a motion reference unit (MRU) to the echo sounder system. If a motion reference unit (MRU) is not available, use a motion sensor to measure roll and pitch. As a minimum solution a global positioning system (GPS) can be used.

To obtain precision data that are both detailed and correct, it is necessary to align the transducer and measure its location and offset in relation to the vessel’s  coordinate system. We recommend that the echo sounder system with the CP200-5C transducer is calibrated prior to use.

Key specifications

  • Frequency: 200 kHz
  • Beamwidth, ADCP elements: 5 degrees
  • Beamwidth, fish-finding element: 30 degrees
  • Cable length: 20 metres
  • Weight (in air, with cable): 13.3 kg

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