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Simrad TP90

The Simrad TP90 Transceiver is an optional part of the Simrad TV80 gear monitoring system. With the TP90, the TV80 can provide information about the ITI and PxPos sensors' relative and absolute positions.

A Simrad TV80 gear monitoring system fitted with PxPos and ITI sensors, and the Simrad TP90 Transceiver allows you to measure the range and bearing of each sensor on the trawl. These measurements provide the position of the sensors relative to the vessel and, thus, the location of the trawl. When this position is known, you can avoid wrecks and other obstacles on the seabed.

A Simrad TV80 system fitted with the TP90 Transceiver can replace an existing ITI system.

Simrad TP90

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System diagram

This illustration shows how the Simrad TP90 Transceiver is used in a TV80 Gear Monitoring system. The TV80 comprises a Processor Unit and a display monitor. You can also connect a keyboard and a mouse.

Simrad TP90

(A) Display - Depending on personal and operational preferences, you can use one, two or three displays on your Processor Unit.

(C) TP90 Transceiver

(D) Power Supply Unit - The TP90 Transceiver requires an external power supply offering 12 to 15 Vdc, minimum 5 A. We provide a suitable power supply with your delivery.

(E) Transducer - The TP90 Transceiver can connect to one or two transducers. However, with the current software version only one transducer is supported.

(F) ITI and/or PxPos sensors - With the TV80, the TP90 Transceiver can receive information from the Simrad PxPos sensor and all ITI sensors except the ITI TrawlEye and the ITI Catch.

(G) Ethernet connection - A high-quality Ethernet cable connects the TP90 Transceiver to the TV80 Processor Unit. You can extend the distance between the computer and the transceiver to a maximum of 70 metres. If a longer cable is required, cut it in half and insert an Ethernet switch to provide buffer amplification.

End-user documentation and installation drawings

Current software version

We recommend that you always keep your gear monitoring system upgraded with the latest software version. You must install the TpTransceiver software on the Processor Unit to perform the specific positioning processing.

The current software version is 23.3.

All applicable information related to this software release can be found in the Software Release Note.

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