Never stand still

BMW and the art of staying ahead of the competition

Gunvor Hatling Midtbø
Kongsberg Maritime
Vice President – Comunication

In this issue of The Full Picture Magazine we have the pleasure of inviting you behind the wheel with a true global business leader and superbrand. BMW is at the very vanguard of its industry. The firm has secured its position thanks to a history of innovation, dependability and displaying an intimate understanding of its customer base.

However, you don’t stay ahead of the competition by standing still, and the brand is intent on building a fresh history for itself with the launch of the BMW i8 – a quite remarkable supercar for a new generation of customers. 

In the first of an occasional series of features on fellow world class firms and individuals, TFP headed to the 2012 Geneva Motor Show to meet BMW and discover how one sector leader is facing up to industry challenges that we can all associate with – finding fuels for the future, creating sustainable success and solving problems through relentless innovation.

On the subject of ‘fuels for the future’, this issue also focuses on three letters that mean a great deal to the shipping and offshore segment – LNG. We discuss opportunities and market evolution with industry players such as Höegh, Golar, Dynagas, Thenamaris and Greek guru Stavros Hatzigrigoris, of Maran Gas.

Working with the likes of Maran and Golar brings us conveniently on to the overarching theme for this issue, and one of Kongsberg’s core values, collaboration.

How can firms, colleagues and even competitors join forces to realise business aims that, separately, they could only ever dream of achieving? TFP talks to DNV, Seajacks, Statoil and a host of other big names about
sharing goals with partners, and the principle advantages of creating a united front.

We hope you enjoy collaborating with us for this latest look at The Full Picture Magazine.