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Welcome to this special issue of our new magazine Horizon, focused on the equipment and technology we offer our naval and governmental customers.

Kongsberg Maritime is a provider of mission-critical products and systems to customers around the world. Our experience goes back more than 80 years and today we provide equipment, support and technology to 70 navies.

Our equipment can be found on all types of naval platforms. Kongsberg is a technology company and we can draw on a wealth of expertise to support the naval missions of today and tomorrow.

In recent years, we have seen a shift towards digital technologies, and we recognise how navies are now embracing new ideas to transform their operations. We are leaders in developing digital solutions for remote and autonomous operations, and we’re talking with navies about how such technology can be deployed in future. 

We have extensive experience in integrating multiple products on board ships, and our engineering teams work closely with shipyards and navies to ensure Kongsberg Maritime solutions match the demanding mission requirements.

With an unrivalled portfolio of technology, our equipment is installed on more than 30,000 vessels. For our naval and governmental customers, we can draw on that experience to meet the requirements of today’s navies. 

Those requirements naturally focus on the core defence objectives of our customers, but we’re seeing more interest in navies wishing to improve their environmental performance too. Sustainability is a key pillar of our technology, and this is where we can enhance naval operations. Our products and systems drive down energy consumption and emissions.

One example of how a commercial product can benefit navies is our Promas propulsion system. An innovative combination of propeller and rudder, Promas is operating on more than 200 vessels, delivering reduced fuel consumption and improved manoeuvrability. 

We’re now offering Promas to the naval market, and the ability to potentially save 5 per cent on fuel usage can instantly translate to an extension of range, something considered a key capability in the naval space. 

The geopolitical security situation is evolving and somewhat unpredictable. This means many nations are increasing their investment in maritime defence capability, and we stand ready to support their requirements. 

We’re pleased to introduce our new Mission Bay Handling System in this issue, developed in response to the need for ships to be versatile. Requirements to broaden the scope of naval operations are driving demand for multipurpose ships which can quickly adapt, and our new system could be the answer.

Today, we’re providing equipment to some of the most advanced naval programmes. We’re proud to see our technology being selected for these mighty ships and we’re dedicated to delivering highly capable products, backed by exemplary in-service support.

As a technology leader, Kongsberg drives innovation and our promise is protecting people and planet. Those 70 navies that put their trust in us do so knowing that we understand their mission. 

Your mission is our mission.

Lisa Edvardsen Haugan, President – Kongsberg Maritime
Lisa Edvardsen Haugan, President – Kongsberg Maritime