Mission ready around the world

Kongsberg Maritime provides mission-critical equipment and systems to 70 of the world’s navies. Our equipment features on a wide range of ships and specialist craft, from large combatants like aircraft carriers and destroyers, through to support ships and other specialist governmental craft. Here are just a few of the notable naval and governmental platforms with our technologies that protect people and planet.

Royal Navy: Queen Elizabeth Class

Flagship of the Royal Navy, first-of-class HMS Queen Elizabeth, and sister ship HMS Prince of Wales, feature a comprehensive range of Kongsberg equipment. Each of the 65,000 tonne, 284-metre long ships have our twin adjustable bolted propellers (ABP) and shaftlines. The scope of supply also covers steering gear and rudders, retractable fin stabilisers and the complete low voltage electrical system. The carriers are equipped with our Heavy RAS (replenishment at sea) receiving equipment, which can transfer loads of up to six tonnes at 25 loads per hour. A Royal Navy training facility has also been installed with our Heavy RAS equipment.

Image: © UK Ministry of Defence Crown Copyright, 2024

Swedish Navy: Visby-class corvette 

Powerful and highly efficient steel series S125SII Kongsberg Kamewa waterjets propel the striking Visby-class corvettes of the Swedish Navy at speeds of up to 35 knots. The five-strong Visby-class has attracted international attention for its stealth capabilities, thanks to its low visibility radar signature and striking angular design.

Royal Navy: Type 26 / Global Combat Ship

The Type 26 / Global Combat Ship will be a highly capable and versatile multi-mission warship designed to support anti-submarine warfare, air defence and general-purpose operations. Developed by BAE Systems as a platform with export potential, the Type 26 / Global Combat Ship is currently in build for the UK Royal Navy and has been selected by Australia and Canada. We are supplying controllable pitch propellers, steering gear and retractable stabilising fins for the Royal Navy variant, along with the replenishment system’s moveable high point for transfer of materials and equipment to and from support ships.

Royal New Zealand Navy: HMNZS Aotearoa With a displacement of 26,000 tonnes, HMNZS Aotearoa is the largest vessel in the Royal New Zealand Navy. The Polar-class Logistics Support Ship has been designed to operate in Antarctica, and features an innovative wave piercing hull form, designed by Kongsberg Maritime. The ship includes a hybrid electric propulsion system, with an extensive range of our integrated equipment which covers switchboards, the replenishment at sea.

Republic of Korea Navy: FFX Batch II

The first of the Daegu-class guided missile frigates was commissioned in 2018. This class of eight ships is the first Korean warship to feature a combined diesel-electric or gas (CODLOG) propulsion system. Kongsberg Maritime has supplied a pair of controllable pitch propellers and shaftlines to each of these 3,100-tonne displacement ships. These are capable of 30 knots, with a range of 4,500 nautical miles.  

Italian Navy: SDO-SuRS

A new 120-metre Special and Diving Operations – Submarine Rescue Ship (SDO-SuRS) being built by the T. Mariotti shipyard for the Italian Navy will feature a range of Kongsberg solutions. This includes a pair of Elegance electric propulsion pods, which combine the direct electric permanent magnet (PM) motor driven pods, with a Kongsberg electric power system, including batteries and power management. The Elegance pods provide propulsion for precise and efficient vessel operation. The compactly designed pods have a low oil content and double barrier seal solution, to protect the ocean while offering vessels the ability to operate in fully electric zero emissions mode in port or for limited offshore operations. We will also supply three tunnel thrusters, our Mcon propulsion control system, a DP3 Dynamic Positioning system and single and multibeam echo sounders.

German Navy: F-126 Frigate

Kongsberg Maritime is supplying four shipsets of controllable pitch propeller (CPP) systems along with associated hubs, blades, hubcaps and shaftlines, for the German Navy’s new F-126 frigates. The four ships, each with two propellers and shaftlines, will be constructed by Damen Naval in Germany. The propeller/shaftline system is the successful result of close cooperation between Damen Naval, Kongsberg Maritime, the HSVA test institute from Hamburg and the classification society.

US Coast Guard: National Security Cutter (NSC) & Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC)

Kongsberg Maritime equipment has been selected for current and future US Coast Guard platforms. The National Security Cutter (pictured), in service since 2008, is equipped with controllable pitch propellers and tunnel thrusters. The Offshore Patrol Cutter (OPC) programme represents a significant investment in future international maritime security. The OPCs will be 360 feet long and capable of 22.5 knots. Kongsberg equipment selected to date includes rudders, steering gear, fin stabilisers and tunnel thrusters.

Royal Norwegian Navy: CB90-Class fast assault craft

More than 250 of the CB90 craft have been delivered to several navies, from the Dockstavarvet shipyard in Sweden. The CB90 is a fast and agile boat, known for its tight, high-speed turn capability. It’s fitted with twin Kongsberg Kamewa FF waterjets. This lightweight craft can decelerate from its full speed of 40 knots in just 2.5 boat lengths, thanks to the reversing bucket technology of the Kongsberg Kamewa jets. In addition to the Swedish Navy, the CB90 has been selected by the navies of Norway (pictured), Greece, Malaysia, Mexico and the United States.