Two industry leaders joining forces

To develop technologies for sustainable oceans

Developed by Jotun. Kongsberg inside.
Jotun and Kongsberg Maritime have joined forces to develop a game-changing proactive hull cleaning solution designed to provide full operational flexibility and an unbeatable environmental footprint.

Jotun and KONGSBERG partnership delivers innovative, proactive and sustainable fouling control

Jotun HullSkater is part of a revolutionary climate friendly robotics-based solution that introduces proactive hull cleaning with remotely operated technology to achieve optimal running performance.

KONGSBERG has many roles in the development of the HullSkater:
- Technology development
- Robotics industrialization
- Manufacturing & QA

Service & Support:
- World-leading service & support network (24/7)
- Spare parts management

World-leading service & support network

Over 30,000 vessels operate with KONGSBERG systems on board. Supporting them is serious business. Our scope and expertise provides enormous benefit to our customers.

Customer Support – truly a global presence


Jotun Hull Skating Solutions


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