We are the front runner for innovative communications solutions in the world


In 2012, The General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) endorsed the proclamation of World Radio Day, and this year we celebrate the 9th World Radio Day, 13 February. For KONGSBERG it is natural to celebrate this day, with radios and communications playing an important part for both Kongsberg Maritime and Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has a long and proud history of delivering robust and resilient communications, supporting troops for more than 50 years. Through the evolution of our capabilities and by driving forward new technologies, we have continued to be an innovative, reliable and trustworthy provider of secure communications.

Equally so, this year’s themes of Evolution, Innovation and Connection are, and always have been, important focus areas for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace’s (KONGSBERG) tactical communications system, K-TaCS.


Defence communications has evolved from using runners, sending and receiving simple signals through the use of drums, horns, flags, and riders on horseback, to the use of radios from the middle of the 20th century. KONGSBERG’s history with communications reaches back to the 1960’s, when the first radio links were delivered.

“Our radios and radio links have achieved, and sustained, a strong market position over decades due to our ability to evolve to changes in demand and deliver disruptive technologies when needed. From the outset, we have developed and delivered some of the most advanced defence communications solutions in the world, and our solutions are known for the state-of-the-art design, ease of use, robustness and resilience and fully ruggedized design,” says Pål Bratlie, Executive Vice President Land Systems, KONGSBERG.

CV90 Norwegian Army Rangers marching in snow_Photo by Forsvaret.jpg


We have been one of the front runners for innovative solutions in the world. Within defence communications, being innovative means that we strive to develop and deliver capabilities for the future. Being innovative is one of KONGSBERG’s core values, along with determined, collaborative and reliable. This innovation has included patented waveforms, innovative systems designs, and valuable contributions to NATO’s standardisation efforts. Today, we are developing a brand new, state of the art Software Defined Radio (SDR) called THOR.

THOR is built to meet the future requirements of tactical communications.  It is a dual-channel tactical SDR that provides resilient wide band and narrow band connectivity to military platforms and units. THOR’s waveforms provide unique Electronic Protective Measure(EPM)-performance to ensure communications in harsh environments and is optimised for tactical mobile platforms. The user may apply the two independent VHF/UHF-radio channels for simultaneous voice and data communications on narrowband and wideband selectable waveforms. Innovation at its finest.


With reliable and robust connection being a vital part of any defence operation, KONGSBERG’s radio links are the preferred solution for tactical operations that involve a high level of mobility. Our communications systems provide the tactical backbone wide area networks in more than 30 countries around the globe. The instant and real time connection provided by these radios is vital in time-critical systems such as Patriot and the NASAMS Air Defence system. Rapid link establishment, combined with robust waveforms, ensures stable and reliable signal connections. These radios have consistently displayed extreme performance in extreme conditions and climates, such as deserts, rain-forests and the Arctic North - supporting troops worldwide.

THOR SDR can accompany a wide range of NATO standard and customer specific waveforms. This makes each radio a valuable tool for its user, combining waveforms to counter EW threats when needed and transporting data at high rates when possible. 

KONGSBERG’s EPM narrow band waveform utilizes our patented Narrow Band Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum technology in combination with Frequency Hopping. This provides exceptional range, coverage and the ability to operate in severe multipath conditions, making THOR a highly effective tool for on-the-move combat connectivity.

Into the Future

Based on more than 200 years of experience and excellence, KONGSBERG is well placed to meet future opportunities and challenges.

Through close cooperation and dialogue with end users around the world, we have an excellent understanding of current and future requirements. At the same time, our software-defined products ensure that KONGSBERG will deliver future-proof and state-of-the-art capabilities for decades to come.

We will continue to evolve our capabilities, connect more users together, and deliver innovative solutions to support the most demanding operations around the globe.

Happy World Radio Day.