The system that enhances the operational capacity of any vehicle or platform. 

In 2019 the Army and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency marked the delivery of the last of around 140 upgraded combat vehicles. The combat capabilities of the CV90 vehicles have been considerably boosted through the provision of new and better sensor capacity, more effectors, better protection for the crew, good mobility and improved command and control systems.

“The CV90 as a combat platform presents completely new opportunities for the execution of joint operations. The CV90 combat system gives the army the possibilities, options and fighting capabilities that it needs in order to carry out its operations,” according to the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace has delivered its Integrated Combat Solution (ICS ) for the combat vehicles as part of a major delivery contract, which also included new weapons stations for the vehicles.

All CV90 combat vehicles have now been handed over
to the army. “This gives us improved combat capabilities and better command,” the Norwegian Army states. 

For the crew on board the vehicles, ICS means improved situational awareness and combat capabilities. For example, when a vehicle commander identifies a target, he can now share the target’s position with the other vehicles in the formation. This type of information could previously only be passed on via voice communication. The exchange of information has now been digitalised, with information being shared immediately.

Network-based army

Following the upgrade, Norwegian CV90 vehicles are now among the most modern weapons platforms in the world.

“The CV90 is an extremely modern combat platform with incredible potential for the future. It has given us a digitalised platform that can share information in a unique way between our units,” says Morten Eggen, Head of the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency’s Land Systems Division.

“We have taken a step towards a fully network-based army. We have done this in a close cooperation among the industry, the user and the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency.”

Platform-independent and scalable

Flexibility lies at the heart of ICS . The system is platform-independent, flexible and scalable. The solution was developed both to support complex platforms where crew members work closely together to carry out missions with the aid of many sub-systems, and to facilitate simpler user set-up.

“For the crew inside the vehicle, the Integrated Combat System means greater situational awareness and combat capabilities. This is achieved through the more effective use of weapons, C5I system integration and inter-vehicle communication,” says Eskild Aas, Director of Digital Vehicle Solutions.