Technology Seminar


Close to 400 Secondary School graduates participated when Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG) in collaboration with the Kongsberg School Project (Kongsbergskolen), invited pupils, teachers and advisors from the local region to their annual Technology seminar in Kongsberg, Norway.

The Technology seminar has been an annual event for the last six years, and is a part of Kongsberg’s Technology Days which every year offers various exciting activities for children, youths, students and businesses, focusing on technology, competence and competitiveness. Kongsberg is famous for the close collaboration between the local technology industry and the educational institutions, focusing on developing interest for science and technology subjects all the way from primary school up to universities.

Ingrid Jensen is employed as a skilled worker in the department for Prime & Paint in the Aerostructures & MRO division. Along with the other young employees on stage, she warmly recommended this path for those who like practical work, to use their hands and create things.

“Choosing vocational subjects and becoming an apprentice will give you practical knowledge and a permanent job with an income at an early age, but still not eliminate the possibility to develop further if you want new challenges” - Ingrid Jensen

Making the right choice

The Technology seminar was established to give the graduates an idea of the possible technology related jobs they could have in the future, depending on their choice of education when taking the leap to upper secondary school. The program is customized for a young audience, with films, music and young presenters, aiming to demonstrate the different opportunities within both vocational subjects and study preparatory education programs. Meeting with both apprentices, and young employed skilled workers and engineers, gives the pupils a good impression of some of the possible gateways into work life based on educational choice.

“Our goal is that the students leave the seminar being curious about technology and knowing more about their possibilities based on their own interest and skills”, said Vidar Lande, Senior HR Advisor. “And of course we hope that many of them decide to work for us in the future, but even if they choose something completely different, we have still made a difference by helping them make the right choice”.
Photo: Robert Indrebø / Norsk Industri

“It is truly rewarding to be able to contribute in the development of world leading technological products”, said Halvor Haukvik, apprentice in Industrial Mechanics in the Missiles division.

The pupils also met young engineers who had chosen a more theoretical path with studies at universities like the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and University of South East Norway (USN), showing some of the career opportunities within the field of engineering.

“Working in the technology industry will mean taking part in the development of the country, so for me it is clearly a possibility to apply for vocational subjects”

Putting theory into practice

How to develop and build an autonomous green house, an electrical formula racecar or a liquid space rocket? The pupils were excited to see the impressive work done by the voluntary student projects Hydro.Plant from the University of South East Norway (USN) and Revolve and Propulse from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Demonstrating how to put theory into practice, they managed to catch the pupils’ attention and interest by bringing their latest products on stage, properly introduced and accompanied by smoke, lights and music. It was also inspiring and relatable for the audience to hear the students describe how their interests had made them decide on their choice of study, and how they developed through the participation in the projects alongside their studies.Peter.jpg

Peter Svilaas  (Photo: Anita Nyheim)

An important message to the graduates was also to create awareness of all the different competencies needed in a large company like KONGSBERG, or even a student organization like Revolve or Propulse NTNU.