As long as she can remember, June Hosøy Simonsen has been fascinated by airplanes. Working as a Customer Service Engineer at Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS) at Rygge Engine Depot, Norway, is in fact the fulfilment of her childhood dream.

Technology that allows us to fly
Educated with a Bachelor in Aerospace Engineering, Astronautics and Space Technology and a Master in Systems Engineering, June is well equipped for the task.

“I have always been good at science, so it was quite natural to choose an engineering education, and I have always been fascinated by the fact that humans have managed to develop technology that allows us to fly. Nevertheless, I was 18 years old before I got the chance to be a passenger on a plane for the first time.”

Before she started working for KAMS, June worked seven years with production of parts for various aircraft engines. She had many different roles, including Project Manager for research projects and machine procurement, and as Subject Expert within specific production methods.

“I knew little about KAMS before I applied for the job, but I was familiar with KONGSBERG and had a very good impression of the company. After reading more about KAMS, I quickly understood that it was a company with a long and extensive expertise in aircraft maintenance and that this was a place where I could learn a lot and at the same time use my expertise.”

“From the first time I heard about the possibility of an F135 depot at Rygge, I wanted to work there”.

Working at KAMS
As a Customer Service Engineer at KAMS, she supports maintenance by creating and updating technical plans for carrying out ordinary maintenance and repairs, as well as handling deviations.
In this role, a person have to be organized, flexible, willing to learn with great communication skills.

June communicates daily with customers to ensure that the engine KAMS deliver is "flight capable" and "mission ready". Internally at KAMS Rygge, she works closely with the mechanics who carry out the maintenance, engineers, the quality manager and the logistics department – all work together to ensure that the engine is ready to fly.

“I don't know if it is working with my amazingly talented and knowledgeable colleagues or working with the engine technology itself which is the best part. In any case, there is a great willingness to teach and to learn from each other. It is in particular the cooperation with the mechanics that has made me better at my job,” she says.“We have an absolutely fantastic environment here at KAMS. There are no “stupid questions” and we learn with and from each other. There is a lot of humor and we make sure to look after each other.”

June also appreciates the quick access to the shop floor, giving her the opportunity to do an even better job as technical support for production by being able to see the products and its challenges up close by talking directly to the experts (the mechanics).

“There are new challenges and new opportunities to learn each and every day. We have a relatively young environment here at KAMS Rygge, but at the same time it is an experienced group of people. It's no secret that aviation is a male-dominated industry, and KAMS Rygge is no exception. But this is not an issue or something I think much about, because everyone here is equally included. My colleagues are among the most competent in the aviation industry and that’s what matters to me.”