KONGSBERG employee inspecting SeaKing helicopter


Dina is proud to be part of a team that makes it possible to conduct rescue and military operations. Her responsibility is to ensure that helicopters are operational and safe to fly - and her position demands fine skills like accuracy, clarity and presence. Her job is linked to Norway's security, preparedness and future, and having pride in being part of something bigger than herself.

Dina is employed as a skilled worker at Kongsberg Aviation Maintenance Services (KAMS), which offers extensive capabilities of repair, overhaul, modification and testing of components for military aircraft and helicopters. As an aircraft mechanic she works closely with pilots and crew.

“Quality is above all. That’s why you also need to be honest and dear to speak up if you have made a mistake,” says Dina.   

In 2019, KONGSBERG and the Norwegian Armed Forces entered into a cooperation agreement on the operation and emergency preparedness of the NH90 helicopters. As part of this agreement, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace (KONGSBERG), through their subsidiary company KAMS, established safe and exciting positions in Norway, and particularly skilled aircraft mechanics on both fighter jets and helicopters were in dire need. This was the starting point for establishing cooperation on education and more apprenticeships together with the Armed Forces.

“It is important to work with something that you are interested in, and that you have a good feeling when you go home from work."

KAMS is a strategic partner to the Norwegian Armed Forces and have a total of 300 employees. They have 3 locations in Norway; Kjeller (main facility), Rygge (F35 engine depot maintenance for JPO F35 Program) and in Bardufoss (NH90 service and MRO for Norwegian Armed Forces).

As an aircraft mechanic, KONGSBERG’s personnel such as Dina, experience exciting days where technology is combined with practical work. Dina studied 1 year of electrical engineering, 2 years at the national aviation programme Aviation Maintenance Education (Flyfag) and completed as an apprenticeship at KAMS for 2 years, before she was employed as a skilled worker. Dina has now been working at KAMS for 5 years, and speaks warmly about her place of work.

Photo: Dina working on a Norwegian rescue helicopter.

“I enjoy the practical work and different tasks every day. There is a great emphasis on doing a good job and maintaining a good work environment, and I learn a lot because of the great vocational competence in the company,” she says.

KONGSBERG also offers MRO-services at the Aerostructures division located in the city of Kongsberg, Norway. The Aerostructures division is a leading, international supplier of complex sub-assemblies to large international manufacturers in the global aerospace and defence industry. The division has for many years offered overhaul of military rotorcraft, and performs services on key dynamic helicopter components, such as main, tail and intermediate gear boxes, main and tail rotor heads and drive shafts.

Skilled aircraft mechanics employed in the Norwegian Air Force and KONGSBERG are assured a safe and attractive position throughout their professional career. Dina and other aircraft mechanics are also sought after in many different professional directions, so there are plenty of opportunities within the aviation industry in Norway.

“It is important to work with something that you are interested in, and that you have a good feeling when you go home from work,” Dina concludes.

Photo: NH90 helicopter. Credit: Norwegian Air Force


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