tkms 212a-class submarine in teh ocean
ORCCA: a modern combat system for non-nuclear submarines


On July 8, Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG) signed an historic defence contract with Norway and Germany. KONGSBERG will deliver combat system, integrated into the new non-nuclear submarines called 212 Common Design (CD), in addition to the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) to the German and Norwegian Navy.

accelerated decision-making process

The combat system, called ORCCA™, is a product of exceptional collaboration between Norwegian and German submarine- industry, under the management and design of kta naval systems. kta naval systems, a joint venture between thyssenkrupp Marine Systems’ Naval Electronic Systems business unit (ATLAS ELEKTRONIK) and KONGSBERG established back in 2017, sets a new standard for combat systems for non-nuclear submarines.

“ORCCA is the most modern and fully integrated combat system for non-nuclear submarines on the market, building on the joint expertise and products of our colleagues at ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace to create a unique combat system. ORCCA will provide unprecedented functionality and performance for submariners. Beside this, we will equip all future submarines from thyssenkrupp with Combat Systems of the ORCCA product family," says Kathrin Rohloff, CEO of kta naval systems.

An important milestone

With the new ORCCA™ combat system, German and Norwegian Navy-operators will be able to conduct advanced data analytics via multifunctional consoles providing a comprehensive and accelerated decision-making process. It combines maximum adaptability with the highest level of IT security. The new combat system will also enable its operators to better interact as part of a unit in multinational missions like NATO or EU missions.

KONGSBERG has been delivering submarine products to the Royal Norwegian Navy and five other navies since the early 70’s. And the new defence contract is an important expansion of the product portfolio. The ORCCA™ submarine combat system-project will include an extensive list of products from both Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace and Kongsberg Maritime. KONGSBERG will also provide global service and support for the combat systems.

“An important milestone has been met in the strategic cooperation with Germany on new submarines. I want to give credit to those who have worked hard to keep the schedule and land the contracts and the agreement on industrial cooperation,” said Frank Bakke-Jensen, the Norwegian Minister of Defence about the contract.

NSM: the latest 5th generation long-range precision strike missile

It was the Norwegian Defence Materiel Agency (NDMA) in Norway and Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr (BAAINBw) in Germany, that signed the contract with KONGSBERG for new naval strike missiles (NSM), together with the contract for the new submarines with thyssekrupp Marine Systems.

“Both the new submarine class and the NSM represent the most modern and advanced high-end technology equipment that exists in the world today. KONGSBERG is proud to be in the front seat in this journey,” said Eirik Lie, president Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace.

NSM is the latest 5th generation long-range precision strike missile guided with an inertial navigation system aided by a military GPS receiver and laser altimeter. The NSM with its stealthy design and unique passive infra-red and imaging sensor makes it very hard to detect, increasing the accuracy, avoiding collateral damage. KONGSBERG will deliver the NSM to the German Navy as the 6th nation to select NSM. And for Norway, as the developing country for NSM introducing the missile in 2012, this contract involves replenishing and updating the in-inventory stock.

The contract was signed July 8, and an official event celebrating the cooperation between Germany and Norway will take place in Kiel in September. The event will include the 5th generation long-range NSM and the unveiling of a model of the new, common submarines of the 212CD class.