NASAMS Air Defence System

NASAMS (National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System) is the world’s first operational Network Centric Short to Medium Range Ground Based Air Defence System.

The KONGSBERG /Raytheon NASAMS Air Defence System features net centric architecture, multiple simultaneous engagements, Beyond Visual Range (BVR) capabilities, closely integrated and adapted to a country’s Integrated Air and Missile Defence (IAMD). The NASAMS network expands the defended area and enhances the total fighting capability of the armed forces.

NASAMS has since the introduction in Norway been on a path of continuous evolution. The current NASAMS customer base consists of thirteen (13) countries, Air Force and Army customers combined.

A total of fifteen (15) nations have acquired the KONGSBERG command and control solution adapted to their requirements.

The most recent capabilities, demonstrating NASAMS path of evolution, are the AMRAAM Extended Range missile (AMRAAM ER) and the AIM-9X-2. AMRAAM ER significantly extends the engagement volume of NASAMS, while the AIM-9X-2 is optimized for shorter ranges. Adding multiple missiles proves the flexibility of the architecture and the ability to introduce new capabilities to counter current and future threats.

Photo: Raytheon

The System

A standard NASAMS unit has a modular design comprising a command post the FDC, an active 3D radar Raytheon AN/MPQ-64F1 Sentinel, a passive electro-optical and infrared sensor and a number of missile canister launchers with AMRAAM missiles. Normally, a number of NASAMS fire units are netted together in a uniquely designed ”hard-realtime” communication network to ensure minimum latency over large distances for maximum system performance utilizing the unique capabilities of the AMRAAM missile.


Flexible mission configuration

NASAMS is by nature a highly mobile system designed with a focus on operational flexibility for protection of Air Bases, Sea Ports, Populated Areas, other High-Value Assets and Army Forces. NASAMS has proven interoperability with Higher Echelon units and longer range systems, such as Patriot. The modular design permits mission-oriented task force organization of NASAMS, allowing the operators to maximize the effect of the components and tailor the system to the task.

Continued active mission

NASAMS has been protecting Washington DC 24/7 since 2005 demonstrating extreme reliability and with very high availability. NASAMS is designed for operations in the artic, sub-tropic and desert conditions.

Photo: Forsvarets Mediearkiv

Value of NASAMS

KONGSBERG/Raytheon offers a fielded and proven NASAMS system with the capability to protect several areas and high-value assets separated by large distances.
Unprecedented firepower, low manning requirements, redundancy and flexibility are typical NASAMS characteristics enabled by the relatively small and agile components comprising the system. The NASAMS’ ability to protect static and mobile assets opens for a range of roles and missions.

Photo: Forsvarets Mediearkiv

Dual use AMRAAM Missile

NASAMS employs the Raytheon AMRAAM as the baseline missile, identical to the AMRAAMs used on fighter aircraft. The dual-use concept has operational advantages and reduces logistics cost.

Defends a large geographical area

The radar and launcher elements can be deployed over a large area separated by more than 20 kilometres from the FDC, providing extended coverage with few elements. Dispersed elements increase their survivability against enemy air and ground attacks.


NASAMS can be delivered with a complete communication suite from KONGSBERG Communication Systems.


NASAMS is designed to evolve with the development of technology and can integrate with or utilize future technology when available. This can be future active or passive radars and sensors, Sense & Warn capability, and a wide range of effectors, like C-RAM, C-UAS and the Raytheon Family of Missiles; Aim 9X Sidewinder Block II, AIM-120 AMRAAM an AMRAAM ER. The evolution is enabled by the open architecture in the FDC.


The FDC is a true Multi-Domain Command & Control component and can, pending on the desired configuration, support a wide range of missions; GBAD, Army counterfire operations, coastal defence, air surveillance, airspace management and others.



The KONGSBERG FCD command post and networking technology are selected by several nations globally. Experience and practical knowledge from these programs are embedded in NASAMS and ensure proven interoperability with a nation´s higher echelon and allied forces.


NASAMS is in operational use around the world.