Exploring the Ocean Space

KONGSBERG’s close connection to the sea positions us to take full advantage of the opportunities the ocean space provides.

The oceans cover 70 per cent of the planet’s surface. Now, more than ever, they have a vital influence on how we live. What we do today, will influence the life of future generations.

For decades we have pioneered technologies that can teach us more about this mysterious resource. From implementing hydroacoustics, to building the first autonomous ship; to programming satellites for environmental surveillance, tracking the ebb and flow of this delicate eco-system.

The oceans influence life in more ways than we can know, our climate, food, transport, energy and economies are all affected by our actions. KONGSBERG is committed to driving the changes that need to be made now, and into the future.

Feeding the planet

Today, only two per cent of the food consumed on the planet come from the ocean. The potential for growth is tremendous. The majority of the biomass in the world is found in the ocean.


Through our people, we have world-class knowledge in how to get the most from the ocean. Our goal is to gain even more from this massive Resource, in a sustainable way that can withstand the test of time.