We offer solutions at all stages of your asset’s service life and mobilise our unique global capabilities to deliver on the most ambitious projects. In order to extend your vessel’s operational capabilities, upgrade it to proven higher-performance and environment-friendly technologies, or prepare it to successfully fulfil new assignments within a different market segment, we guarantee the full commitment of our specialised team to accompany and support you until your project delivers on expectations.

Geir Oscar Løseth

Geir Oscar Løseth

VP Sales Aftermarket Advanced Offerings Phone: (+47) 815 73 700

We develop solutions to help our customers respond to all challenges:

From an idea to a success story

With more than five decades of experience with refitting, retrofitting and converting marine assets, Kongsberg Maritime has accumulated extensive project knowledge and engineering expertise to help our customers respond to a variety of challenges, ranging from needed adaptation to industry-wide changes to individual strategies and decisions.

Our full commitment from the idea and design stage provides you with the assistance of an experienced, world-class OEM expert in developing and integrating innovative marine solutions for the sole sake of our customers’ performance. No matter the complexity of your project and objectives you aim at, we will stay true to our fundamental goal: partnering in our customers’ performance with a resolute dedication.

KONGSBERG integrated hybrid power propulsion system

Technology and vessel insight are key to meeting the International Maritime Organisation’s carbon reduction strategy. Kongsberg Maritime’s hybrid propulsion systems offer proven efficiency benefits including flexibility, optimised performance and sustainable, zero emissions operation.

Your fully committed technological partner

We mobilise our global resources and capabilities to guarantee the success of your endeavour. Our experts will leverage their long experience and robust competences to predict your project’s outcomes, design the optimal solution to be installed on board the vessel using leading-edge engineering software, techniques and tools, and take care of your project until your vessel returns to operation and performs according to expectations.

Our full commitment goes with the appointment of a dedicated project management team focused solely on refits, retrofits, major upgrades and conversions, ready to revitalise your vessel and ensure the smooth management of your project from A to Z. As a total provider of marine solutions, your project is fully taken care of from design, engineering and production to installation and turn-key delivery at partner yards, and beyond through data-based quality verifications, potential improvements of your KONGSBERG solution, and through-life support of your products and systems.

IMO 2023: complying with the EEXI and CII requirements

New environmental regulations part of the International Maritime Organisation’s climate targets are set to come into force in January 2023. Owners of cargo and passenger ships are urged to implement solutions towards environmental compliance. In this regard, Kongsberg Maritime offers a range of solutions to help you prepare your vessel for compliance, from power limitation solutions to the adoption of cleaner fuels and green auxiliary power sources, energy storage systems and more efficient ship technologies.

Engineered for maximised through-life availability and performance

We have a long experience in developing, manufacturing and integrating the most advanced technologies to fit all needs and purposes, and in modernising in-house legacy equipment and third-party installations. Drawing on these unparalleled capabilities, our teams are empowered and fully equipped to handle the complexity of your project.

The modular nature of our systems enables us to design solutions particularly suited to replace or extend existing functionalities without costly redesign, and ensures efficient maintenance and swift repairs throughout their lifecycle. Following technical and technological advances and improvements, further upgrades can be performed at any time throughout the assets’ life, so our customers can stay ahead of the pack.

Engineered for maximised through-life availability and performance

State-of-the-art predictive maintenance solution for KONGSBERG thrusters

KONGSBERG Remaining Useful Life (RUL) for thrusters predicts quantitative remaining useful life for thruster components, allowing better maintenance decision-making and therefore providing operators with peace of mind by lowering the risk of any unexpected issues.

Solutions to all endeavours

All our systems are fully developed, tested and proven through a large number of installations and applications all over the world. Our portfolio of references includes vessels of all trades and sizes including:

  • Supply vessels
  • Research vessels
  • Ferries
  • Container vessels
  • Tankers
  • LPG tankers
  • LNG tankers
  • Bulk carriers
  • Shuttle tankers
  • Drilling ships
  • FPSO & FPU
  • Seismic vessels

Advisory and engineering services

We offer an extensive range of engineering services covering all design tasks in order to guarantee the success of your project.

  • Site survey and reporting
  • Feasibility studies
  • Cost analysis
  • System sketching and (re)engineering
  • Naval architecture
  • Structural engineering
  • Machinery
  • Electrical systems
  • Safety
  • Accommodation
  • Stability
  • Deck arrangement
  • Hull optimisation
  • Implications towards rules and regulations
  • Installation at dock or during service
  • Handling of class and authorities
  • Inspections
  • Commissioning
  • Site services
  • Crew training
Geir Oscar Løseth

Geir Oscar Løseth

VP Sales Aftermarket Advanced Offerings Phone: (+47) 815 73 700