Custody transfer system, K-Gauge CTS

Our custody transfer system - CTS is designed for LPG carriers and LNG carriers with spherical or membrane tanks. The radar tank gauging, temperature and pressure monitoring systems are all designed to provide continuous, maintenance free and reliable accuracy. Through our patented AutroCAL® system we provided the first fully automated calibration and verification method.

Custody transfer system principles

No special verification pins or test modules are required. A radar still pipe with diameter of 50 mm is fixed from the top to the bottom of the tank. The still pipe has ventilation holes allowing the vapour pressure inside and outside the pipe to stabilize, thus allowing the liquid to rise or fall unimpeded in the pipe.


The Custody Transfer System presentation module provides all relevant data to the operator. The program is activated by "function keys" on the screens. Various custom designed reports are available and can be stored and recalled from a menu. The custody transfer system reports are automatically printed when the CTS function is activated or stopped.

Radar tank gauge and temperature connection boxes on top flange.
Primary and Secondary Radar Tank Gauge and temperature boxes on top flange.

Key features

K-Gauge CTS Custody Transfer System automatically log tank levels, temperatures and pressure measurements, and calculates the tank volume during the loading-/unloading operation. The system automatically generates a CTS loading-/unloading report; the official document used for purchasing the gas transported. The accuracy and reliability of the system is crucial to ensure correct and trustworthy LNG trade around the globe.

K-Gauge CTS features

  • Applicable for all type of LNG tank designs
  • Outstanding accuracy in the whole range of the tank
  • Individual signal processing for each cargo tank
  • No moving parts, low operational and maintenance cost
  • Non-intrusive level gauging installation - replaces previous/existing intrusive measuring systems
  • Certified Ex ia IIC T4 – can be used in all zones. Offers maintenance from the deck – without emptying the tank, while in operation, without cutting the power
  • Applies still pipe with inner diameter of just 50 mm
  • Continuous level verification/calibration - AutroCAL® utilizing the pipe joint signatures
  • Double sealing between sensor electronics and tank content, hence additional valve for maintenance purpose is not required
  • CTS temperature readings at an accuracy by specially calibrated sensors
  • High quality pressure transmitters for CTS vapour pressure readings
  • Customised CTS reports of custody transfer
  • Verified by Intertek Caleb Brett – KIMSCO, NKKK, SGS and SK
  • Approved by all major classification societies
  • Custody Transfer System can be stand-alone or integrated with the ships automation system

First fully automated calibration

The K-Gauge Custody Transfer System including the temperature sensors and the pressure transmitters are all specially designed to provide continuous and reliable accuracy in the demanding environment of liquefied gas. With the unique AutroCAL® function, KONGSBERG has provided the market with the first fully automated calibration and verification method commercially available.

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